Why We Love Winter Weddings (And You Should Too)

While the winter months are not as popular as warmer times of the year for weddings, they can be both chic and affordable. Winter weddings are gaining popularity for many reasons. There is something undeniably cozy and romantic about a winter wedding. A snow-blanketed setting is a unique and elegant backdrop for any bride. Although it may not be your main motivation, this is also a great time of year to find a deal! Since spring and summer are the peak wedding seasons, you are more likely to find the perfect venue for the perfect price. Here are 3 reasons to embrace the cold and start planning your winter wedding now:

1. Winter Wedding Dresses Are Beyond Gorgeous

Especially if you are a bride who is looking for something unique on your special day, winter wedding dresses are the way to go. Not only do you get to pick the perfect cold-weather gown, you also get to accessorize with a coat, hooded cape, or maybe a fur stoal. Every bride can look sexy and elegant in winter bridal wear.

Cozy Winter Bride

2. Cold Weather Savings

Planning an off-season wedding in the winter can score you tons of savings. If you plan a wedding for January or February you can expect to pay the lowest prices of the year for your venue, catering, photographer, and entertainment.

3. Perfectly Offbeat

Because winter weddings are already nontraditional, no one will blink an eye if you want to make some different wedding choices. Why not let your imagination run wild with a woodland theme? Put the groomsmen in fur hats and the bridemaids in plaid ensembles? Wear snow boots with your wedding gown? You can have a lot of fun with this, so go wild.

Winter Wedding Freebies

These winter chalkboard printables would make a great addition to any winter wedding.